Roundabout no better than signals for airport road

I have a theory about how young, first-time engineers are promoted. They are given problems to solve for Maui. If they do good, they move up a notch. If they don’t succeed, they are assigned to other menial tasks such as finding ways to prolong the building of the Oahu rail system.

I believe that’s what is happening with trying to solve the pedestrian and traffic dilemma on Piilani Highway along the new high school boundary. A roundabout?

That makes about as much sense as the traffic light-controlled intersection where the road goes into the airport. A cloverleaf interchange would have been costly but there wouldn’t be the bottleneck we are currently experiencing. The Kihei solution is similar: The alternatives are a costly pedestrian bridge or underpass versus a roundabout — a guaranteed bottleneck in an already overloaded traffic situation. How about doing this pono instead of cheap Charlie?

On another note, the suggestion of natural gas is great except the Hawaiian Islands have no coal, oil or natural gas resources. It all has to be shipped in. That leaves solar, wind, geothermal and water. Please don’t mention nuclear.

Dennis Lokmer



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