Should victims be required to produce evidence for police?

I made many attempts to try and get help by calling police but was ignored because I had no evidence to hand to them.

Why is evidence so limited? If a horrible crime was done to you and the criminals tell you “nobody will believe you,” does it stop there? Do the criminals automatically win?

What about the victim? What if the criminals stop the victim from getting evidence? Can that be used as evidence? If we can show proof of their tracks being covered, will that start an investigation?

Doesn’t an investigation bring forth all evidence? Why do police officers expect the victims to have all the proof before doing an investigation?

I believe because the crime is being done to the victim, the victim should be able to suggest where investigators look. They need to know all the skills and knowledge the criminals used and check out if it matches up with what they learned.

It’s not fair when someone calls 911 and receives the cold shoulder all because they are quick to not believe without evidence.

I didn’t know it was the victims’ job to have evidence. If that’s so, then what are police good for?

Donna Arcangel



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