Signs needed Upcountry to protect pedestrians

As a new mother to my 11-month-old son, I’ve found one of the best ways to stay active is by enjoying the fresh air of Upcountry Kula!

What could be better — maybe the beach? Stroller rides have been one of the most enjoyable times for me during this pandemic.

But are stroller rides up the mountain really that safe?

There have been many times where speeding cars and motorcycles fly up the mountain, ignoring the lanes entirely, swerving over the lines. Today, roughly about 4,000 feet up, a motorcycle came way to close for comfort, which sparked this letter for help.

My boy’s life flashed before my eyes. I was so shocked at the recklessness of the motorist and angry.

There are signs going down the mountain saying “share the road with bikes” for all the tourists.

But what about the Kula residents who frequently go up the mountain on foot? I always wear a bright orange vest and take extra cautions, but I as a local resident of Kula, it would be nice to see safety caution signs to protect local pedestrians on foot such as “Slow down” or “Watch for pedestrians.”

This letter is to hopefully spark some interest within our local community in putting up safety signs up Haleakala for our residents here Upcountry.

Lani Rudolph



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