Tired of cases linked to community spread

Is anyone else tired of hearing Mayor Victorino and Lt. Gov. Green continue to claim that the increase of daily COVID-19 cases on Maui is due to “community spread”?

The mayor and lieutenant governor refuse to acknowledge the direct connection between the thousands of visitors arriving on Maui each day and our daily high case numbers, now including the B.1.429 variant.

In December, we had almost 100,000 visitors on Maui and January almost 800 cases.

Guess who is in our “community”? Both residents and visitors! Residents and visitors shop in the same grocery stores, and residents serve visitors in the hotels, restaurants, retail stores, etc.

Visitors don’t get tested once they arrive. Why would they? If they tested positive, it would ruin their vacation.

In the meantime, visitors are running around Maui as if there is no pandemic, going on snorkeling trips, luaus, driving to Hana, shopping and maybe wearing a mask. It’s Maui residents who are getting tested, raising our numbers and positivity rate. What is really upsetting is Maui children still can’t go to school or participate in youth sports. There is really something wrong here!

On top of all this, Maui is ranked lowest in the state for vaccinations while, once again, being recognized as the island with the highest number of daily visitors.

Why aren’t our Maui leaders outraged about this? Why aren’t they doing more to protect our Maui residents?

Without healthy residents you can’t have a healthy economy.

It’s time to put Maui residents first.

Susan Thomson



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