Vaccination experience handled professionally

I have lived in Kihei since 1993 and have a serious interest in the vaccinations against COVID-19.

It is very important for as many of us to be vaccinated to protect ourselves and other people. We must follow the rules of proper mask wearing, social distancing and following guidelines given by qualified health professionals.

I am 87 years old and recently had my first vaccination at Kaiser’s Maui Lani Clinic. I was apprehensive because I have food allergies, medication and other responses that have required epinephrine.

I was very pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Buntuyan and his staff to allay my fears and to plan the whole experience in a professional way following the guidelines to protect us from the virus. I was allowed to stay for 30 minutes after the injection in case I had a reaction.

I have been very concerned about the number of visitors and residents in Kihei that are not following the recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID in our community, which could allow us to return to a life that will not require a lockdown of our businesses and schools and a return to life as we knew it in Maui.

Malia S. Johnson



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