Who you gonna call for park problems?

As volunteers who have worked under Maui County Parks Department in the Kihei beach parks for the last 15 years, we were recently alerted by a community member that a park bench at Kalama Park had been tagged.

We got permission from Parks to repair the damage. While painting, a brother stopped by and mentioned he was also thinking of painting over the graffiti, but he didn’t know about the best paint or who to contact. Details are important and it isn’t always obvious if help is needed. All work must be approved by Parks.

To report park maintenance or service issues like water leaks, graffiti, damaged or broken park amenities, we call 270-8070. There is also an online reporting form available through www.MauiParkWatch.com for these types of concerns.

To report a fire or medical emergency or crime in progress, we all know to dial 911. We also understand that while overnight camping in the park and underage drinking might be unlawful, they are not 911 emergencies. Instead, we use 244-6400, the police nonemergency number for those types of issues and to report suspicious persons or activity that concern us. The police determine response priority based on availability of officers in proximity to the location being reported.

We always seek permission from the Parks Department before performing any work in the park to avoid the trouble we could cause if we just did what we thought best. Maui County Parks Department is great! Approved help has always been appreciated.

Bob and Lis Richardson



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