Bill 10 will not get more affordable housing built

We desperately need housing for Maui’s working people. Why make it harder?

I encourage Maui County Council to try a proactive and constructive approach to addressing this very real crisis rather than a creating an unrealistic and punitive barrier.

Buyer preparation through a strong IDA program and long-lasting affordability through a land trust model or 30-year minimum deed restrictions will be positive steps resulting in positive results.

Addressing the challenges through infrastructure support is another positive step the council needs very much to take as supported strongly and clearly by the HCA draft housing study.

Although Bill 10 sounds good, it will not help our housing crisis one little bit.

Affordable housing does not fall from heaven. The county needs to work with developers to successfully get affordable housing built.

I truly believe Bill 10 will actually result in less affordable housing being built. Please vote “no” on Bill 10, and work towards policy that is supported by something more than good intentions.

Victoria Cheromcka



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