Breast cancer diagnosis raises future awareness

Yesterday I found out I have breast cancer. The previous week, when I fasted and prayed, I prayed for my health, knowing they were taking a biopsy of breast tissue.

Trusting that God can completely heal me is a comforting thought. However, as much as I like the idea of living, I wonder if that’s what the best thing is really for me overall.

I wonder if my time on earth is nearing the end of a mission and I can advocate from heaven more effectively. Things don’t always turn out the way we hope or expect.

I can imagine John the Baptist, when facing the executioner just before he was beheaded, with the thought crossing his mind, “I didn’t see this coming.” But in retrospect, John the Baptist is one of the saints advocating by the throne of God and gets a position of leadership for eternity.

In every circumstance, we need to trust God’s plan even if we don’t especially like it.

Today’s Bible reading was from Luke 4 about Jesus healing Simon’s mother-in-law. I will pray for Jesus to rebuke the cancer in me so it will leave my body, and like that woman, I will get up and serve Jesus and wait on those he puts me in contact with.

But like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego expressed, I know God can save me, but even if He doesn’t, my hope is in the Lord.

Michele Lincoln



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