Do rights of anti-vaxxers supersede rights of all?

Again, there appears a letter of righteous indignation concerning COVID-19 vaccinations and an infringement on one’s rights in the March 27 letters section.

Regardless of the overwhelming facts of the efficacy of masks to provide a light at the end of the tunnel and a means to stop this most insipid disease from spreading further, those that subscribe to these self-serving ideas seem oblivious to the proven fact that their noncompliance makes it far easier for every citizen that comes into contact with them to endure this horrific disease and its results, including permanent impairment and death.

Although it may be legal in some states to cause self-inflicted bodily harm, remember suicide and causing physical harm to others is a felony. And what’s worse is carrying the guilt of being the premeditator and perpetrator of the crime.

Consequently, if one feels that their rights are being violated, then one must respect that they are violating the right of others in their decision to allow those others to enjoy their lives and freedom. If they are prepared to stay sequestered or to warn others of their decision to not abide by respect for their health, then so be it.

As for the vast majority of responsible citizens, the decision is clear. Provide yourself and your fellow human being with every chance to the right to a healthy, disease-free life.

As we say in Hawaii; “No be lolo.” Respect your fellow man and act with aloha.

Chris Phillips



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