HUD should not be mandatory

In response to an April 17 letter, although I understand your frustration, no one should be required to accept HUD.

It would be the same thing as requiring any HUD applicant to accept the first housing offered to them. In effect this would deprive both landlords and tenants of the choice that is a central tenet of our society.

I am a real estate broker landlord who accepts HUD, and surprisingly I have offered housing to HUD applicants and been refused. Such is life.

Also, to clarify, even on the Mainland, landlords are not required to accept HUD. Some places prohibit discrimination based on source of income, so you cannot advertise “no HUD.” But again, landlords still have the right to screen and choose their tenants. Anything else would be unconstitutional.

You know what might help with the rental crunch we’re currently in? Eliminating the federally and state-imposed eviction moratorium that keeps delinquent tenants in housing that could otherwise be offered to HUD tenants. Simple supply and demand.

Loren E. Clive



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