Lot of reasonable questions that mayor needs to answer

Not being able to present one’s vaccination card and thereby bypass testing directives seems unreasonable, clearly lacks forward planning and is certainly an unnecessary hassle for both residents, tourists and airport staff.

Processing a second COVID-19 test for over 6,400 daily passenger arrivals could easily turn into a dreadfully chaotic experience for everyone. The cost for testing seems like it could be a big number. If each test took only 10 minutes to collect and process, that would equate to over 1,000 man-hours or 41 days.

Obviously, thousands of test kits and an army of trained workers will be needed. Kahului Airport is not a big facility. How will the normally helpful airport staff keep travelers – many of whom will have taken a long and exhausting flight with family and kids – organized, comfortable and hydrated in our tropical climate?

I’m hopeful Mayor Victorino will enlighten both his constituents and our valued tourists on the medical necessity of a second test, his airport logistic plan for testing along with the associated costs. Maybe it’s a worthwhile COVID-19 response or maybe not. There seem to be a lot of reasonable questions that the mayor needs to answer.

Phil Winter



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