‘Pandemic fatigue’ after one whole year

“Pandemic fatigue.” Really?

After one year of this virus, a new media phrase has evolved, “pandemic fatigue.” Are people actually fatigued because a deadly global virus has dictated our short-range future? It has been one year.

Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, scientists developed a vaccine less than one year since the pandemic began. Our future looks bright.

Now, let us put this in perspective: Had our Greatest Generation heroes proclaimed “World War II fatigue” one year after the invasion of Pearl Harbor, the USA would not be here today, and our enemy would have obliterated our European allies. Of course, in the Pacific, WWII would have also ended in defeat for the USA.

Thank you to thosefrom the Greatest Generation for not catching WWII fatigue in 1942 or 1943. Thank you for staying the course and sacrificing your lives through 1945 and beyond.

Roger Ross



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