At what point does tourism growth reach its limit?

Tourism and the infrastructure associated with it have been in the news a lot lately.

When a plan for a new hotel or condominium project is presented, supporters usually claim that it must be approved to preserve jobs.

I’m the first person that wants to support the trades, but this logic has only one eventual outcome. If we keep approving big hotels and luxury condos, we’ll surely have jobs both during construction and after they are in operation, but we will also look like Waikiki or any other tourist area that has built itself out to the limit.

Where does it end? Where do all the support folks live? We often don’t require affordable housing to go along with the new facilities.

There has to be a limit. Maui is an island, and it is not getting larger. How long before we are paved over and built out? Do we have a plan for that time? Will we need to take a number to get to the beach?

We cannot just keep going on this path if we want anything of Maui left to enjoy.

Stephen Rodgers



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