Overtourism not good for visitors or residents

It has been good to see letters, editorials and op-eds about overtourism on Maui.

This is such an important issue effecting all of us. However, the suggested solutions to “manage” tourism don’t seem to be really dealing with the problem: too many visitors.

Overtourism is not good for visitors as well as residents. They are not getting the great experience they had hoped for and we are getting crowded roads and beaches.

Reserving half the parking spaces at beaches for residents isn’t dealing with too many visitors. It just might result in people parking in places they shouldn’t.

Charging for parking isn’t dealing with overtourism, it is just raising more money and pissing people off.

I noticed there is now a $10 parking fee at Big Beach for non-Hawaii residents, but there is no one there collecting the fee or checking IDs. It is completely on the “honor system.” Reservations to visit attractions may be helpful but makes it inconvenient for everyone to be spontaneous.

If we are so concerned about overtourism, why are there 10 hotels or hotel expansions in the pipeline? We need to stop approving any of these.

We should encourage people with vacation rentals by economic means to convert to long-term rentals. This will lessen tourism and help with the housing shortage.

Lowering taxpayer support for the Maui Visitors Bureau is not enough. End the subsidy. Everyone knows Maui is here. We don’t need to remind them.

I also hear about “quality” rather than “quantity” tourism. Only rich folks?

Stephen Beidner



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