Country can survive level of insanity for only so long

The old, off-the-grid haole sat there with a beer attached to his hand and asked: “Can’t we just agree to disagree?”

In a perfect world, absolutely; in 2021 America it is not so simple.

You see, when the ongoing insurrection is denied, when Hillary Clinton has been replaced by a body double and Hunter Biden’s laptop is a primary concern, there can literally be no common ground.

All the poison that is out there — bizarre QAnon conspiracies, ridiculously effective Russian propaganda, the right-wing grievance machine and the sore loser himself –have infected this country to the point that civil discourse, even among family and close acquaintances, seems irrevocably altered.

My country, as much as I love it, can only survive this level of insanity for so long.

Greg Lauderdale



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