Drifted back to unhealthy imbalance of tourists here

In a May 2020 interview with local news, Mayor Victorino asked the community to view the pandemic as an opportunity to embrace change and a “new normal.”

After acknowledging that Maui had recently experienced exponential growth in the number of visitors to the island, taxing the island’s capacity with detrimental effect on our infrastructure and environment, he stated that the spread of COVID-19 should be viewed as an opportunity to step back, look at what we are doing and “redo” Maui County.

“I am asking the people to really look at the new normal of Maui County,” he said. Most of us assumed this new normal would result in better management of tourism.

Just one year later, it is widely reported that tourists are almost back to pre-pandemic numbers with more arriving every day.

Who would have thought a year ago that the new normal the mayor envisioned was just more of the same, if not plus some.

Without leadership to achieve a better future, we are bound to drift back to what many believe is an unhealthy imbalance of tourists on island.

Mark Hyde



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