Ends of political spectrum need to come together

The bow represents all American citizens and the government they use to further the great promise of Americanism.

The tip of the arrow is liberal thought, that while at times is too much too soon, it can get straight for us.

That is why we need the guiding feathers of conservatism, at times too moderate so may be over the line, but both when on point with proper guidance can be the collective bow.

Really is as simple as that. What has been happening for some time, fostered by greed and avarice that has been ignored and maintained by selective wayward interpretations of our Constitution, has been a dissolution of what we have agreed collectively to advance true democracy and individualism.

Time to come together folks. Do not allow the scum that lingers together rotting and passing their puckish odor on we the good.

Yes, we the good, are who make the bow.

Pippo Schillaci



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