Is dialing 10 digits really best for suicide hotline?

I understand that starting in fall, we will all be required to dial 808 and then the regular seven digits.

This, I believe, will be required solely for the purpose of establishing a hotline, of 10 digits, to dial help for suicide prevention.

To criticize/question this decision is an invitation to attack, but I do wonder if there is not a better way.

I also wonder if it will really make a difference. Are most of these calls for help dependent on immediate response? We have 911 and they can forward. Do we have proof this will make a difference? Are people going to remember the number?

Are dialing, law-breaking drivers going to have more wrecks/deaths by dialing longer numbers? Am I going to forget the last two numbers after dialing the first?

We all want to minimize suicide. It is all too common. I just am not sure this is going to be effective or that it is the best way.

I will bet most urgent calls will go to the best-known number, 911, as remembering a 10-digit number in a panic situation is not easy.

Jim Killett



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