Maui needs more courts for pickleball players

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. What started out as an activity for kupuna is growing popular among younger people, tourists and former tennis players.

Its exponential growth in Maui has resulted in too few places to play and long waiting lines.

Based on the rapid growth of this sport in Maui, it is disappointing that the provision of more pickleball courts was not included in the new budget.

Several of us have appealed to the county, but little has been done. We have received the same response: “We are actively assessing the situation.”

The lack of action over the last two years is inconsistent with their stated mission: “To provide safe, satisfying and cost-effective recreational opportunities for the residents of and visitors to Maui County.”

In Central Maui, the most densely populated area in Maui with a combined population of over 49,044 (2019 statistics), there are only two courts available for pickleball, at the War Memorial Complex in Wailuku. These are tennis courts that are dual marked with pickleball lines. They are reserved for pickleball only two evenings a week. This is compared with 14 tennis courts available in Central Maui.

Ideally, we need more pickleball courts that are specifically designated for pickleball rather than shared tennis courts. Two pickleball courts can fit into the space of one tennis court. Every gym in Maui could be utilized. We need action now.

Ann Pitcaithley



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