Not being treated equally with other areas on Maui

Every summer, we have severe water restrictions imposed on our Upcountry residents.

We are told to take shorter showers, no washing of vehicles, no watering of lawns, etc. The Board of Water Supply say they will impose fines for noncompliance and even threaten to pull our water meters!

Is this not America? We are not being treated equally with the other areas on Maui. With global warming, drier and hotter summers are in the forecast. Now is the time to improve our water infrastructure for Upcountry.

Recently, I worked on the public sidewalk fronting our house. I put in topsoil and seeded the bare patches of grass. It looked great! Today, the grass is brown and dying.

I am a shoreline fisherman and I fish every week. My truck is covered with salt spray, and I am not allowed to wash it. I must drive to Kahului and pay for a carwash.

While reading The Maui News this morning, I’ve learned that an affordable housing project for Upcountry was cancelled. One of the main reasons was the “lack of water availability.”

We need to address this ongoing problem. Mayor, politicians, please find a solution to end this hardship put upon the Upcountry residents.

Dean Hayashi



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