Pandemic has greatly increased need for blood

Next to World War II, the coronavirus pandemic will go down in history as the most frightening, destructive and disruptive crisis to challenge our country in the past eight decades.

Fortunately, with the strong resolve and dedication of the current leaders of our country and the outstanding medical facilities and employees, our country appears to be on the threshold of conquering and defeating COVID-19.

Despite the promising progress that is being made to end the crisis, there remains, for the government and all of us, a lot more that must be done before we can return to an acceptable way of life.

Unfortunately, the crisis has greatly increased the need for blood, while at the same time, the number of donors has fallen. Consequently, Blood Bank of Hawaii has put out an urgent appeal for more blood donors.

As someone who has donated more than 150 pints of blood, I strongly urge those of you who have survived the current crisis to donate to celebrate.

Nothing could be more important and satisfying than to donate a pint of the gift of life and thereby help three patients who need your blood so they can recover.

Blood Bank of Hawaii will be at Cameron Center July 20-22. To make an appointment, call 848-4770.

William T. Kinaka



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