Cheaper than crossing they agreed to decade ago

Unless you regularly make a left-hand turn from Kulanihakoi onto Pi’ilani, you are probably not a big fan of the new traffic light.

Not to worry. It is temporary. Hawaii Department of Transportation is putting in a roundabout and removing the traffic light. It’s believed that this will slow traffic, but not stop it. Unfortunately, they also want to put in a signalized crossing for the future high school that will stop traffic whenever students want to cross.

Hawaii Department of Education is in favor of this plan because they know that high school students are extremely patient, law abiding and never prone to random movements (I guess) and will be adequately protected by some white stripes and a light.

It is also cheaper than the overpass or underpass that they agreed to a decade ago, in the planning stages.

The South Maui school will have hundreds of students living within the “no bus” radius. These students will need to either walk, bike or be driven to school. Parents may opt to drive due to safety concerns adding to traffic. It is a disservice to the students who need a few years to learn, safely, how to manage a daily commute.

On Sept. 8, the state Land Use Commission once again heard from DOE requesting an exception from the requirement to build safe passage, a grade-separated crossing, for the high school.

For more information, go to luc.hawaii.gov and click “meeting agendas.”

Mike Wildberger



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