Demand to see data that supports another lockdown

As we face threats of another lockdown, we should all demand to see the data that supports another lockdown and these restrictions placed on us all by politicians.

Show us the data that tells us where the clusters are forming. If there are household clusters, then how will a lockdown fix that? How many supermarkets are responsible for mass infections? How many banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, nail salons? I’m talking about infections at these establishments, not between co-workers. People gathering are responsible for many infections, so how will a lockdown stop that? It hasn’t in the past and it won’t work this time.

These many new cases mean we also should have many thousands of people with post-infection immunity in a few weeks. Are those counted? Why isn’t that number reported? Shouldn’t there be three reported numbers? Vaccinated, acquired immunity and a total of the population that should be “protected”? Reporting on total cases does nothing to educate, just to instill fear and rationalize ridiculous restrictions.

Where is the outpatient treatment that has been proven to reduce severe illness and hospital admissions? You cannot keep telling people, “You’re positive; stay home and hope you don’t get worse.” By the time they get to the hospital and begin receiving treatment, they are already very sick.

Answer these questions truthfully so we can understand what is really happening.

I am tired of being treated like a child by politicians who don’t know what they are talking about. This is about health care. Leave politics out of it.

Kapena Hill



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