Immune to mass change occurring globally?

“Mauians told situation is ’emergency.’ Energy problem explored.”

Going through some old papers, I found a copy of The Maui News with those headlines. It continues, “Emergency. That’s the word 27 people gathered in the Cameron Center Saturday used to describe the current energy crunch in the state and the world.”

It goes on: “Do you think I am an alarmist?” asked Robert Johnson, Maui Community College student body president, as he pointed to the word “emergency” written on the blackboard.

Robert was a longtime and dear friend who died some years back and his picture on the article brought my attention. That, and the fact that this edition of The Maui News was Monday, April 9, 1979.

Now, 22 years later, are we still hiding our heads in the sand, hoping everything will get back to normal?

Are we any closer to food and energy self-sufficiency?

Are the oceans continuing to be depleted of fish populations, the large ag lands still using toxic chemicals to grow foods for export?

Are we still supplying most of our energy needs with oil and gas?

Are we still in build, build, build mode, not knowing where all the water will come from?

Are we still stealing from our grandchildren to feed the current cash frenzy?

Do we think, somehow, we are immune to the massive changes occurring all over the world? Do we only change when change is forced upon us?

If so, friends, we’re in for some serious reckoning.

The Rev. Bodhi Be



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