Those refusing vaccine should sign liability waiver

I do respect people’s choice not to vaccinate.

However, if you do not want to vaccinate, sign a waiver stating that if you do get the virus, you will not be permitted in the hospital because you had the choice to vaccinate and refused.

It is like homeowner’s insurance; if your house burns down, you have to suffer the consequences.

People all over the country are ending up in the hospital because they refuse to get vaccinated, and end up with COVID-19, taking up bed space and putting other people’s health in jeopardy, because of limited bed space, especially in ICU. Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients who have COVID-19, and who refused to get vaccinated.

If you don’t want to get vaccinated, it is your choice. But don’t put other people’s health in jeopardy because of your decision.

Terao Nakasone



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