Understanding concept of government overreach

There are two groups here that I am addressing, and they are both in the wrong. Our local government is blameworthy of government overreach, and we the people are becoming culpable of letting it happen.

The most recent experiment that will take some of these rights away is in the form of a “vaccine passport” that is now being forced upon us by our local government.

The government’s duty is to serve us, and help protect our rights, not to protect our bodies from harm nor our minds from fear or free thinking.

We all have something to lose. Overreaching mandates and policies already have negatively impacted restaurant and other small business owners, state and county employees, students and student-athletes, and caused hardships (and unnecessary divisions) upon many citizens.

If we want this situation to improve, then we must do more than just telling the politicians that this is not fair, not just complaining to your neighbor.

It is about holding those politicians accountable, in open discussion, explaining how they assume that to foist new rules upon us is acceptable. We must turn our frustrations and negative feelings of helplessness and fear into peaceful actions for positive change and claim our rights and practice responsibility for our own health and our own freedoms.

This is not about masks, vaccines, misinformation, economy or special interest of the medical or pharmaceutical industries. This is about the action of our government’s overreach, and our reaction to it.

Kevin Grant



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