Articles on development should include water

In an article in The Maui News dated Oct. 13, Maui Planning Commission approved development for Pulelehua in its West Maui plan.

There was much information about what will be included in a proposal for affordable housing, including retail, school and recreational development.

But nowhere did I see any mention of the source of water that will be needed for these homes and businesses. The west side has been cautioned the last two years about using water carefully.

But there is no mention in the article of where the enormous amount of water that will be needed for this development will come from.

Mr. Cheng said that affordable renters would not have to pay for electricity or water. Such generosity with a scarce resource.

This failure to mention how the water will be found is not unusual. Every time I see in The Maui News an article about a newly approved development, there is never any mention of the water needed.

Is it just safer not to mention something that detracts from the enthusiasm for this development?

Dale Peterson



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