It’s not about you or me, it’s about us

It was disappointing to see photos of several thousand island citizens marching to protest masks and vaccinations, and equally so that there was no accompanying reportage.

Everyone wants the pandemic to end but the refuseniks act as if their behavior has no bearing on this.

Viruses need cells to hijack to reproduce themselves and as long as there are enough unvaccinated cells, they will do just that.

To make matters more complicated, they often make mistakes in reproducing, which means variants, some of which will be more dangerous like delta. Even worse is the possibility that a future variant will be vaccine resistant, and the longer refusals continue, the more chance this will happen.

The cries of “my body, my choice” and “if government can enforce this, what else can they enforce” are pure nonsense. No one is being held facedown in the mall and injected. No one is being forced to do anything. Take the shot or don’t but don’t expect to be able to do everything you want if it endangers the public.

Historically, public vaccination efforts have seldom been successful without mandates and it is interesting that many who claim that refusal is a matter of principle change their minds when it threatens their job. This is not about you or me, it’s about us.

It’s not difficult to imagine how different things would be now if The Donald had taken this seriously, emphasizing the known danger and engaging in responsible mask-wearing modeling behavior instead of thinking only about his reelection.

Jon Betwee, M.D.



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