Pens always welcome at our post offices

How many times do you have to “sign for” something at the post office and end up walking away with the clerk’s pen?

We are all guilty of this, not only at the post office, but I am certain other places where your signature is needed.

I realized that buying pens with my business name and phone number would be an ideal place to advertise to many customers. So, this past year, I have given more than 250 pens to my U.S. Post Office (Wailuku station) and will continue doing so.

If you have extra pens lying around your home, in your car or in a “junk drawer,” chances are you have one of my ads. If everyone would return one pen, then the post office would not have to purchase pens out of their already limited funding for supplies.

Please everyone! Let’s gather up those pens that are not being used and drop off your donation to your post office. Watch the clerks light up as bright as a Christmas tree when receiving those! There is always a dire need there.

Kit Ah Loy



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