Vendetta against Pang is abuse of senator’s power

I am friends with Dr. Lorrin Pang and Sen. Roz Baker and have volunteered with both for decades. Both have been excellent people seriously dedicated to helping the public. In this recent kerfuffle, Roz has made a mind-boggling error.

Sen. Baker attacked Dr. Pang for talking about alternatives to dealing with the COVID virus. For a person who makes her living talking and arguing, that’s incredibly hypocritical. Dr. Pang has vast knowledge and experience in dealing with viruses, pandemics, public health issues, medicines and FDA guidelines. Sen. Baker has none.

Dr. Pang was way out in front as a leader on pandemics and continues as a dedicated heroic leader in the mass vaccination of Maui citizens.

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are FDA approved for humans, and like all other prescription medicines, can legally be prescribed by physicians for off-label use. The FDA says so on its website.

Many human prescription drugs are prescribed on and off label by veterinarians for animals. Dr. Pang has the education and experience to discuss the use of prescription medicines rightfully and legally. Vaccinations are the best prevention now but not the only, or final, solution to prevention or treatment.

Dr. Pang bases his comments and decisions on education, experience, data and research. Senator Baker has no medical training but is very powerful and was able to put together a legislative lynch mob to support her vendetta against a dedicated, educated, qualified, well-respected hero in our community. That is abuse of power.

Buck Joiner



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