Wrongful termination suit deserves news coverage

Judge Kobayashi approved Christopher Salem’s motion to amend his suit for wrongful termination from the mayor’s staff, and to name Planning Director Michele McClean as a defendant.

Salem had originally sued the mayor for breaching an agreement to have the planning director issue a notice of noncompliance to a developer.

Salem had also written a report detailing alleged SMA violations by the Brown development, which turned out to be accurate. The mayor failed to investigate and responded by firing him, which also violates HRS about government employees reporting alleged wrongdoing.

Brown is a repeat of county refusing to issue notices of SMA noncompliance. That refusal, in this instance, is to cover up alleged fraudulent acts by county officials for decades.

The deferral agreements audit never being completed after three years is a part of that and requires an independent audit at this point. That audit will show that Salem’s efforts could recover tens of millions owed to county by developers, which taxpayers have been paying for.

I respectfully suggest that this lawsuit deserves to be appropriately covered by The Maui News, so that the public can be made aware of the issues and be able to ask relevant questions.

Christopher P. Fishkin



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