Any government left of far right is socialism?

Regarding the “Biden is the worst president in history” letter (Nov. 19); it seems the writer has drunk the Trump Kool-Aid and really likes it.

The things said about the country being run by a “cohort of deranged senior citizens” says a lot about the writer’s attitude. So, us kupuna should get out of the way and let the younger right-wing cohorts run the country as they see fit?

Does this writer think Trump was a good president? Did he like Richard Nixon? Does he also think Franklin Roosevelt was a Socialist for bringing about Social Security?

The writer states, “This (what the Biden Administration is doing) is worse than any movie Hollywood could imagine.” Well, I surely wouldn’t want to be in the writer’s movie which probably would continue not taxing the rich and increasing the taxes on the rests of us.

Biden isn’t perfect, and the Grandiose Old Party (as it has become) agenda is not even close to reality. Anything to the left of far right is socialism?

Harlan Hughes



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