Better image of Maui without derelict cars

Last week and today’s The Maui News had photos and blurbs about the increase in traffic citations as well as a notice that DUI checkpoints would begin on Wednesday.

I know these citations bring much-needed funds to the department, and of course the DUI checkpoints hopefully help prevent any more lives lost, but it would serve the county better if the police would spend more attention on abandoned vehicles and those that vandalize them instead of issuing speeding tickets. 

It would certainly make for a better image of Maui if visitors didn’t see these cannibalized vehicles along our roads and keep Maui no ka oi for those of us that call this beautiful island home.

In the past week, there have been two abandoned trucks on Kuihelani Highway. I have watched as each has been stripped of tires (how does one tow a car without tires?), any usable engine and reusable parts and then torched (possibly starting brush fires). As these criminals strip these vehicles, they often leave bags of trash in the shell of these cars and trucks and artwork in the medium of baby blue spray paint. 

Where are the police when these criminal acts are being committed on a busy roadway?

This is only an example that I have witnessed this week, but I am certain that there are many more incidents like these throughout Maui.

Why are those that have no regard for our beautiful island and the environment not apprehended? 

Muffy Gushi



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