Don’t like paying more at pump, cut driving

Quit your sniveling, America, about high gas and food prices.

In Europe, gas sells by the liter, and each liter costs dearly.

If you don’t like paying more at the pump, cut your driving. I have and fill up once a month.

Or go electric. Not enough charging stations? Then whine to our elected officials, who claim Hawaii is a clean energy leader. Where’s proof of that, Gov. Ige, Sen. Schatz?

Whenever I crunch the numbers on my food costs, it’s about $3 a meal. It helps that my delicious diet doesn’t include meat, dairy, eggs, fish, whose costs have skyrocketed. But our every meal is gourmet — all-American standbys and home-cooked dishes from Mexico, Italy, France, India, Thailand and other cuisines we enjoy. There are no food shortages, either; our choice of foods is staggering.

The truth is that we Americans enjoy lives ancient kings and queens could not even conceive of, including our abundant food supply. Travel to anywhere on earth within hours; more goods, products and services than ever before; reliable transportation across cities and continents; the totality of humanity’s knowledge and information at our fingertips; labor-saving devices of every kind; reliable energy supplies; life-saving medical services; global communications; endless entertainment, 24/7/365.

We’re immersed in super-colossal, mega-abundance in every area. Quit your sniveling, America, and quit blaming Biden. Instead, wake up, smell the organically grown coffee and count your abundant blessings.

Jerome Kellner



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