Looking for family to pay it forward

In 1978, at the age of 18, I had my left leg amputated. The night I arrived at the Maui airport, all my belongings were stolen. So, I was out on the street relearning how to walk.

I lived on the beach in Lahaina right in front of the Buddhist temple. One evening while being in a state of loneliness, I cried out and asked the Holy Spirit for any kind of support.

Since being raised in an orphanage, I was taught to believe in miracles. Well, you all know how the aloha spirit works.

That very evening, I met a beautiful family man who brought me into his home in Lahaina and showed me what being a true Hawaiian is. He gave me the gift of his culture and had his two daughters dance hula for me. I was touched.

My love for Hawaiian culture was given birth that night. Now I am in search of angels. 

I have just finished writing my first novel and completed a card game that educates children about their virtues. All I desire is to give my very first copy to this amazing family who has touched my soul and taught me about the aloha spirit in ways I may never be able to repay.

I ask for help from readers in locating this family. It’s time to pay it forward. If you can help locate them, please call (808) 867-0061.

Gaston Ouellet



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