Memory care facility desperately needed

Maui is a beautiful island that attracts the super rich. But all is not perfect in paradise.

Maui needs help caring for those with dementia. Folks retire here healthy, but as they age, they often become debilitated.

With family on the Mainland, they are left to decline and die alone.

Maui lacks a dedicated “memory care” facility for dementia patients. Financial and regulatory requirements make construction of such a facility onerous.

Some of our new residents are blessed with enormous wealth and have said they want to “engage with the community.” As a medical doctor on Maui, I would suggest they consider collaborating with key stakeholders to bring a dedicated memory care facility to their new island home.

It is so desperately needed. I can’t think of a better way to fulfill the promise of community engagement. Truly be part of the community.

Michael Patmas, MD



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