Recall false promises face impossible odds

The high-quality banners advertising the mayor’s recall cost money and are in “prime visual locations,” implying that big money is not only funding this recall, but also sponsoring scouting locations.

We’ve seen this before several times over whenever a large divisive issue gets circulated. The constitutional right is to disagree with our lawmakers and representatives in politics, but why a recall?

The threshold of accomplishment for that here is virtually unreachable. Duping citizens into this false hope seems disingenuous at best.

So, we must ask if the money behind this is local or Mainland? Do they not understand how a recall here, or are they just stirring the pot and dividing our community more?

The primary election is in August, just about nine months away. If you disagree with the current representatives, run a campaign and/or vote.

Put your money and effort behind your citizen of choice to replace them, but let’s not allow big Mainland money, if that’s what this is, divide us further.

Elizabeth Fulton



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