Different evolved beings share modern world

Most people have heard the saying that history repeats itself.

One might add to this that historical events often rhyme.

Ancient cultures and religions often had esoteric teachings which taught about different varieties of souls — souls at various stages of development which shared the earth at the same time.

Thus, long before our historical records, there existed on earth, both “animal-men” and others who had already received or developed the spark of soul. This latter group was the self-conscious.

One might suggest that the animal-men were those who followed the Darwinian path. The path of the slow evolution of our most priceless possessions. Our imponderable gifts, which include imaginative cognition, the ability to think, and think inclusively; the capacity to dare benevolently; and the gift of inspiration.

In other words, those who for whatever reason or by other means had advanced in their development, lived alongside those humans who still lived with a diminished capacity.

When I was first exposed to these traditions, I wondered what it was like for these two groups to share the earth. What was it like for self-realizing beings to contend with those bereft of certain powers of consciousness, intellect and soul?

But I quickly realized that today’s earth is no different. Different varieties of evolving beings share this place. Some of them are the least evolved, the most selfish and fearful, the most brutish and violent, and are able to spoil the lives of billions.

Raphael O’Suna  



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