Recall blatant misuse of charter provisions

I am saddened and appalled at the blatant misuse of the recall provisions of the Maui County Charter for the recall of Mayor Victorino.

I am no supporter of Victorino, yet the answer to this is at the ballot box. Anti-vaxxers and others who drain our society, who would rather infect us versus mask and take a society-saving vaccine, are behind the recall effort. They don’t tell you this upfront. I strongly urge dissatisfaction to be answered at the polls.

Our democratic society is already being challenged as never before. Please do not let yet another disinformation campaign undermine our democracy. Please do not sign this recall.

At the same time, I am disheartened by the fact that Mayor Victorino has allowed his administration to stop processing migrant applications, something in our far-flung county that has helped thousands of Filipinos and others through the complicated process. This will hurt our community.

Starting Dec. 1, the county’s Immigration Services Division will maintain a supply of free immigration forms, but it will no longer assist people in filling them out. The change puts at risk Maui residents who could lose their ability to hold a job if the paperwork to renew their green card status is denied due to clerical errors.

County staff won’t even help match people with the correct form starting Dec. 1, according to a county press release. This is a great disservice to our migrant community. Shame on this administration for doing this.

Sean Lester



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