DOE not doing enough to keep students safe

Aloha, I am a teacher at Baldwin High School. I am currently in quarantine after being exposed in my classroom.

The Hawaii Department of Education has a standard form letter that is sent out to parents when a staff member or student tests positive. The letter states that once an infection is verified, “professional cleansing and disinfecting the impacted areas” takes place. This is not true. I have had several students quarantined in my classes, and not once has there been any cleansing or disinfecting of any kind, certainly none that could be considered “professional.”

As it is, the custodial staff shortages are so severe that our rooms only get swept once every couple of weeks. Some teachers disinfect desktops after classes end for the day. But we cannot do a “professional” job.

I am not putting the blame on the high school administration. They are told what to do and what to say. The blame rests squarely on the DOE. Parents should know the truth. Omicron is running rampant through our schools. Some class sizes reach over 30.

Andrew G. Klukowsk



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