Tourney organizers paid scant attention to attendees

Having been to several tournaments at Kapalua, I am disappointed in the effort put forth for attendees this year.

Great players, wonderful course, fabulous views selling Maui, but poor attention to the needs of attendees.

Where were the grandstands? Other major tournaments had plenty of bleachers. They were there for a fee on the 18th green, so obviously not a COVID problem. None on the second green, where attendees cannot even see the green surface. Nothing on eight except chairs for extra funding, but even then, in full sun. No bleachers on nine green like previous years.

No place to sit down. Eating venues had only a few picnic tables with small umbrellas shading maybe one seat.

Even the restrooms were hard to find.

I’ll watch it on TV next year.

Dan Hartley



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