Many ways to appreciate president, first lady

I like the way President Joe Biden carries himself. He doesn’t pompously stick his chest out; he doesn’t tilt his head with a snarky look on his face and peer at whoever he’s talking to sideways.

I like that our president doesn’t dye his hair. It’s white, it’s thin and it’s natural. Those aviator sunglasses do make him look genuinely cool! And he even has a sense of humor!

I like that our president is dignified and stately and doesn’t speak in condescending tones. His intelligence and experience are always on display. He’s soft spoken and not belligerent. He exhibits compassion and speaks from his heart. He has experienced several personal tragedies and has persevered. He shows an amazing ability to empathize with people going through the loss of loved ones. He’s kind.

I like that First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is a teacher and continues to do meaningful work even though her husband leads the country. I appreciate the fact that she didn’t model in the nude with disgraceful photos of herself sprawled out on a bed of furs. I like that our president and his wife weren’t introduced to each other by Jeffrey Epstein.

First Lady Jill Biden doesn’t pretend to be something’s she’s not; she is simply a beautiful woman. She has an excellent command of the English language, is pleasing to listen to, makes good sense and sets an excellent example for the young women of America to aspire to.

Adrienne Poremba



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