Jan. 6 herd mentality far from surprising

A large percentage of American adults, perhaps 30 percent or more, have become insensitive to reality.

One might even say that this type of psychological insensitivity constitutes an epidemic.

People turn away from current events to maintain points of view. In observing everyday happenings, they do not concur with the factual nature of many events, but rather cling to opinions.

Or worse yet, unequivocally act according to conditioning, indoctrination or aberrant propaganda. Or they choose certain pleasures of the mind and body, certain illusions or delusions, rather than clear thought about what is occurring before their eyes, or what may follow.

Too many Americans are unable to see causes or foresee effects. Too many Americans are unable to think clearly about the future. They are blind to consequences, karma, blowback or counterblow.

Add to this frightful epidemic of undeveloped minds and consciousnesses, the great number of unemployed people over the past two years and the instigation of President Donald Trump, who is morally, mentally, spiritually and emotionally deficient; and his political party, whose members are obsequious and craven, and the appearance of the herd mentality witnessed on Jan. 6, 2021, is far from surprising.

In fact, since weak, invested, unstructured minds, and those filled with opinions derived from others are difficult to change and slow to develop, worse may be coming. Imagine if the rioters at the Capitol had brought guns. Or dangerous weapons were trucked in.

Raphael O’Suna



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