Newspaper editorial stands on side of truth

I read with delight the recent editorial regarding critical race theory (“Understanding what CRT is,” Valdosta Daily Times, published in The Maui News June 18).

The effort to deny history by persons in public service and political office needs to be resisted.

My hat is off to The Maui News for standing on the side of truth. In a time where truth is no longer a fact, but an opinion, it is important for our media to support, seek and report the truth.

After surviving four of the worst years of the history of this country, we are now learning the depth of mendacity and larceny our former leaders practiced. What will it take for us to wake up?

If we deny our history, not just the debased history of America becoming enriched from enslaving millions of Africans, but also the disgusting genocide of the Hawaiian people and the historic colonialism of our government, we can be doomed to repeat them.

Traditionally, we have relied on journalists to report what is. At times, this faith has been violated, but if one investigates a variety of media, one can divine the truth.

Mahalo The Maui News for standing for the need to look at the past in all its ugliness. We will be better for it.

Paul Janes-Brown



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