Reference to white Christians advances hatred, polarization

A letter writer on May 31 noted that gun violence was creating fear of people going to school, shopping and worship services.

Added to this is despair resulting from economic class inequities, social and world injustice.

We are in for a rough ride even in Hawaii, where so many people of different races have figured out how to get along (mostly).

Rightly so, but I disagree with the statement that, “There are too many people in this country that want to see this be a white Christian country.”

I feel this shallow remark of racism advances the hatred, disinformation and polarization which the writer referred to.

Christians are from all races, ethnicity, classes and social standing who are warriors that combat climate, pandemic, poverty and unjust conditions in this country and the world.

The point is the genetic origin of all people living today can be traced back to one man and one woman of African origin.

Similarly, Christians can claim 2,022 years ago, Jesus Christ born of Mary can be genetically traced back 42 generations to one man and one woman of Hebrew origin from the Middle East.

Greg Kauwe



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