Unite in prayer regardless of religion, non-believers

With the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, shooting of innocents, Ukraine War, looming hatred, let us unite in prayers regardless of religion and non-believers.

Society has worming evilness in disguise, unleashing hatred using euphemisms motivated by racism, jealousy, discontented life, power hunger, unacceptance of goodness, refusing condoning immorality. Oppressors continue to oppress. Vengeful retaliation standing its ground. Pandemic is a wake-up call.

For non-believers, pray to your beloved divine spirits, they are the closest to heaven. Praying in the privacy of your space anywhere, anytime would lighten the world imploring hope especially for the sufferings. Say our Lord’s Prayer. Modify the words to fit your belief if you must. Instead of “Our Father,” replace with “Our beloved divine spirit.” Anything, just pray.

Pray the rosary, a powerful weapon to battle hatred induced by evilness. It should be the symbol of universal prayer for peace, love and hope. I know, because I am still standing strong no matter how much atrocity has been impounded on me.

Courageous fighting fathers in Ukraine are standing strong for peace for their country and loved ones. On Father’s Day, let us begin prayers led by fathers for the world, for their legacy, their children to follow to bring morale back for their sake, their grandchildren and future.

What is 20 minutes a day for “Hail Mary” or two minutes now and then for “Hey, divine spirit?”

For all fathers, especially, the fathers in Ukraine, Happy Father’s Day.

Irene Nakama Blancaflor



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