Allowing overnight parking won’t solve homelessness

In an article in The Maui News June 29, candidates for Maui County mayor weighed in on various issues.

Both Richard Bissen and Kelly King are quoted as saying that identifying safe places to park overnight paired with increasing mobile hygiene units are crucial for handling homelessness.

Their recommendations were vague on where these “safe places” would be located, but previous comments by these candidates indicate they would use the county’s public parking areas.

These candidates still do not get it that allowing “overnight parking” for the homeless would mean permanent encampments at our beach and playground parking lots with the drug use, fighting, screaming, assaults and other illegal activities that come with such encampments.

Allowing “overnight parking” to solve the homeless problem is a fake solution.

It’s cheap, gives the impression that something is being done, but in the end, only passes the problem on to beachgoers, playground users and residents who live near the parking areas.

No thanks for your fake solutions.

Paul Arsuaga



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