Budget doesn’t address health, other issues

Okay, I got my Maui County budget update in the mail today. All very interesting with a few standouts.

Liquor budgeted for $3.4 million. Didn’t realize there were that may winos in public office. Water supply gets $100 million. Seems like a lot for a resource which comes from God, and I don’t get to use for the next six months!

The biggest expense at $254.7 million was for “countywide,” which we don’t get to know about, but rest assured it is being spent somewhere in Maui County.

The County Council’s got $10.1 million. This explains why so many people are running. It’s the only place you can get a decent wage.

Road improvements at $28.2 million. Do we really need to discuss potholes? I didn’t see any of that cash toward my wheel alignment job.

So now, finally, what is not in the budget, like for instance, health. Has it escaped the mayor that there is a health crisis on Maui? Shortages of doctors, nurses and hospital beds, even without COVID’s impact. To say nothing of the need for long-term care for the elderly.

I hope in the upcoming elections we will see candidates with a plan to fix the health shortages long term and who will cough up a little for my wheel alignment.

Linda Lembeck



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