Universal energy permeates all things

Many cultures believed that one Universal Energy permeated all things.

Each culture or religion gave this energy a different name, focusing on different aspects or manifestations of it.

Some spoke of the energy’s external aspects, calling it the fire of space.

Some spoke of the energy’s place within the human body, considering it to be a biological conductor.

Most considered this mysterious energy to be sacred, divine, a kind of gatekeeper of the ineffable.

These older cultures would find it difficult to believe that this treasure of evolution, or foundation of existence could be so ignored and even ridiculed during this darker period in human history, especially since one of the most important things is to recognize or acknowledge the existence of this motive force of the human mind.

It is true, however, that much of the knowledge regarding this power has been hidden from those who might use it with evil intention. Yet, there is probably not a day in the life of an adult when this energy does not manifest to our senses, mind or feeling.

It is, after all, the primary, fundamental, basic, primal energy which makes us and all matter what we are.

Here are several additional names for this organ of the fourth dimension: Mother of the World; Shakti; Sarasvati; Sophia; Adonai; Holy Ghost; Orgone; Heart’s Air and Eye of the Soul.

Raphael O’Suna



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