Balinbin for clean, effective government

Kanamu Balinbin is running against Elle Cochran for State Representative District 14.

While I live in Kihei, I am writing to support Kanamu, because he has shown that he is willing to work for clean, effective government that is accountable to the residents of Maui.

In the past year, he has helped to keep Maui County Council focused on investigating the out-of-control Greg Brown development, which has become the poster child for what’s wrong with our county Planning Department.

Kanamu went even further and filed an ethics complaint against a county official who allegedly misled the council as to the facts about an investigation into that department.

Meanwhile, when Cochran was a council member, her office made it clear that while she knew about alleged corruption in the administration, there was little she believed she could do about it.

We need a state representative who will fight for what is right.

Kanamu acts, speaks up and does not stand by when Maui residents need him the most.

Christopher P. Fishkin



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